Delta Airline Phone Number: Call for Instant Solution

Headquartered in Atlanta, Delta Airlines is one of the three biggest domestic carriers in the United States. Delta Airline operates flights to more than 300 destinations in 50 countries. With a customer base of more than 200 million, it is not surprising that Delta customer care receives thousands of requests. Herein, we shall discuss the ways to contact the airlines through Delta Airline phone number and other alternative ways.

What are the major queries of the passengers? 

The passengers contact the airlines with the queries and requests before flying as well as after flying. Following are the major queries that sum up all the requests received by Delta customer care.

  • Booking the ticket
  • Change/cancel the ticket
  • Inquiries related to refund
  • Baggage policy
  • Lost property help
  • Inquiries related to SkyMiles
  • Re-booking the ticket
  • Inquiries about Frequent Flyer Program 
  • Payment issues
  • Inquiries about child travel, pet travel, etc
  • Complaints about the on-board services. 

How to contact Delta customer care? 

Delta Airline phone number

The passengers can contact the airlines through toll-free Delta customer service number +18103312560. For new reservations, passengers can contact Delta Airlines through +18103312560 For queries related to SkyMiles, travelers can contact through the Delta SkyMiles phone number +18103312560. Also, the airlines provide call back facility to the customers. The passengers can contact the airlines around the clock. 

Additional information about Delta Airline Phone Number

  • Make sure you are dialing the right number. Delta Airlines provides several contact numbers for different purposes.
  • Delta Customer Care services are available to the passengers 24*7. However, the best time to dial the Delta customer service number is between 8 am to 9 am. 
  • Delta Airlines provides the call-back facility to the passengers who wish to contact its customer care. The customers can schedule the call back as per their convenience. 
  • The calls from the passengers are received by the live customer care representatives and not IVR. 
  • To navigate your way to the representative directly, keep pressing zero.
  • Make sure you have the relevant documents handy such as ticket confirmation number, payment details, SkyMiles details, passport number, baggage claims, etc.

What are the alternative ways to contact Delta customer care service?

There are many alternatives to contact customer care, other than Delta Airline phone number. The passengers can contact through the social media accounts of the airlines. Delta Airlines is very active on Facebook as well as Twitter. The users can send messages through the Twitter account of the airlines. Secondly, passengers can also directly email the customer service from the official website of Delta Airlines. The benefit of written communication for passengers is that they can have the transcript which can be helpful in the future. 

Delta Airlines has one of the best customer services among the airlines. There are numerous offers and discount deals that Delta offers to the passengers. For updates about the discount offers or any other queries related to Delta flights, visit

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